Why Beardless

Beardless grains are preferred for forage and silage because they are awn-less or "beardless". Awns have proven troublesome to the respiratory system and eyes of cattle and other livestock.

3-Grains are better than one

Blending three grains together combines the benefits of each species and eliminates the problems inherent in a single-species crop.


Customers report substantial yield increases. Cattle have shown a distinct preference for the palatability of Prosper 3-Grain.

Prosper 3 Grain Mix

Prosper 3-Grain Pasture Mix


ProsperTM 3-Grain forage blend is a “3-way” mixture of:

• Beardless Barley
• Beardless Wheat
• Oats

What makes it so special? Planting a 3-grain mix is proven to be superior to single-species crops. Consider the following benefits:

Balanced Nutrition
Oats, barley and wheat each have their own spectrum of nutritional value. By themselves they are excellent forage. Put them together and you have a broad-spectrum, balanced nutrition pallet comprised of all thee species.

No Nitrate Poisoning
Nitrate poisoning is a very real concern when feeding straight triticale or oats. By blending oats, barley and wheat the risk is greatly diminished or eliminated altogether.

Excellent Palatability
Cattlemen are reporting that livestock show a distinct preference for ProsperTM 3-Grain hay over other kinds of hay – even dairy alfalfa!

Stands Straight, Resists Lodging
ProsperTM 3-Grain blend stands up straight and tall and resists lodging. The combined characteristics of each species creates a stand of strong, upright stems.

Heavy in Grain
ProsperTM 3-Grain forage blend is heavy in grain content. Heavy, full bales result in better beef production and heavier cows.

Prosper 3 Grain forage blend is available from farm/ranch dealerships and co-ops in Utah, Nevada, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado and Arizona. Stop by your dealership today and ask for it by name!

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